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Paolo Swuec wins Italian Society of Biochemistry (SIB) Medal 2020

Thu, Oct 8 2020|

Paolo Swuec Head of Human Technopole’s Cryo-EM Facility was awarded yesterday the Italian Society of Biochemistry Medal 2020 for having played an "important role in the development at national level of the analysis of complex macromolecular structures using Cryo-EM ".

Paolo is a biochemist interested in the architectural characterization of cellular and molecular targets using electron microscopy. After receiving a PhD in Structural Biology from the Francis Crick Institute (UK), he returned to Italy to work with the University of Milan on the creation of the country's first cryo-electron microscopy laboratory. Throughout his career, Paolo has made important contributions to the understanding the protein machineries involved in several key biological processes such as DNA repair and replication, viral integration and gene editing. He has also been involved in many mentoring, teaching and outreach activities to promote molecular biology and electron microscopy for the general public and the specialized audiences. In July 2020 he was appointed Head of the Human Technopole Cryoelectronic Microscopy Facility.