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In Corriere della Sera, President Marco Simoni reflects on the investments needed for the growth of science.

Mon, Jun 8 2020|

In the Corriere della Sera of 6 June, President Marco Simoni, talks about the increase in resources for universities and scientific research contained in the Relaunch Decree approved by the Government and stresses that this is the measure that will have the most important effect and the most important duration if we consider that it was at least 20 years that such a significant investment was missing. 

The President also highlights how this represents a far-sighted decision considering the post-Covid19 recovery period that awaits us: science and industry will be at the heart of this reconstruction.  

President Simoni stressed that science not only improves the quality of life and makes our society and economy grow, it is also a "precious antibody to our societies: it makes them stronger and more resistant to the unexpected crisis".