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President Marco Simoni talks about how technology and collaboration can improve our lives and how Human Technopole works in this direction.

Sun, May 3 2020|

In the May issue of Formiche (pages 42-43), President Marco Simoni talks about the opportunities given by new technologies to improve our societies and how they should be used for the well-being of people.

An optimal and truly effective use of new technologies passes through mutual trust and collaboration, aspects that are even more fundamental in a crisis like the one we are living in.

One of the founding principles of Human Technopole is collaboration: when it is fully operational, HT will provide access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and training opportunities for future generations of researchers. Collaboration is happening even now that the world is dealing with the Covid19 pandemic: our scientists are in fact engaged in collaborative projects with other research institutes to make their contribution in the fight against Covid19.

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