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President Simoni talks about the importance of Human Technopole to strengthen Italy's scientific research capacity.

Sat, May 2 2020|

In a wide article on Gli Stati Generali, President Marco Simoni covered numerous issues concerning the current situation, including the importance of platforms such as Human Technopole to strengthen the country's scientific research capacity.

Professor Simoni highlighted that one of the aims of Human Technopole is to strengthen Italy's research capacity in the field of life sciences, also offering scholars outside the institute to use its technologies. Technological development in various sectors - not only in the life sciences - can become an element of economic growth. An example of this is when a discovery is made: "for it to be truly useful, it must also be industrialised. This produces new jobs and further investment," Professor Simoni explained.

Other aspects highlighted in the article were the need to implement the functioning of research centres, to invest in scientific facilities of various kinds, so that tools can be developed to address prepared challenges such as Covid19.

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