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COVID19. La Stampa talks about the European project led by Professor Giuseppe Testa

Wed, May 6 2020|

La Stampa dedicates a wide article to the European project led by Prof. Giuseppe Testa, Head of our Research Centre for Neurogenomics and carried out together with the University of Milan, the Ieo and the Sacco Hospital. In the interview, the Professor explains the techniques used in the project - "using the best of high tech to discover how contagion evolves in many patients, different in age, health conditions and body reactions" - and the purpose - "By automating the analysis of samples, it will become possible to read them one by one and start building models that we do not have today. And it will become possible (...) to reposition existing drugs and re-use them in specific phases of the disease and for identifiable subgroups of patients".

The full interview is available here

Read more on prof. Testa's project here.