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Iain Mattaj and Giuseppe Testa among the signatories of an anti-COVID19 proposal

Thu, Mar 26 2020|

Milan, 26 March - Director Iain Mattaj and Giuseppe Testa, Head of Neurogenomics Centre signed a letter to the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and the Governors of the Regions for a Covid19 National Anti-Counting Action Plan.

The appeal was promoted by Ruggero De Maria, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome; Andrea Grazian and Emilio Hirsch, University of Turin; Gioacchino Natoli and Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, European Institute of Oncology, IRCCS, Milan; Giorgio Stassi, University of Palermo and Paolo Vineis, Imperial College, London and was signed by over 290 representatives of the scientific community. 

A networked system of laboratories spread throughout the country and based on the expertise available in research centres could help to stop the acceleration of the pandemia. In fact, according to the signatories "the current containment strategies based on the identification of symptomatic subjects alone are not sufficient to rapidly reduce the spread of the contagion".

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