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Thu, Dec 5 2019|

5 December - New, important results from the scientists at Human Technopole.

Together with other researchers, Giuseppe Testa - head of the Neurogenomics Centre - discovered the "architect gene" of the face of modern man and provided experimental evidence of how today's men are born from the same process of domestication of animals. The paper - published in Sciences Advances - is available at: 

In recent days, Human Technopole's scientific activity has reached Russia. At the Regenerative Medicine meeting, Nereo Kalebic - Group Leader, Neurogenomics Centre - presented his latest findings on human brain development and neurogenesis.

New also from the Centre of Computational Biology. Francesco Iorio - Group Leader, Centre for Computational Biology - has joined the scientific advisory board of the AZ-CRUK Functional Genomics Centre: an initiative for functional genomics that aims to develop new cancer therapies through genetic screening, cancer modalling and big data processing.