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Fri, Sep 28 2018|

26 September 2018 Human Technopole, the new interdisciplinary research institute in Milan with a focus on life sciences has open the selection process for the Heads of four Research Centres: Computational Biology, Genomics, Neurosciences and Structural Biology Centres. These are four of the seven Research Centres that will populate the institute that is the heart of MIND, Milano Innovation District, located where EXPO 2015 took place.

In addition, Human Technopole opens a call for researchers that are willing to take on new and important challenges: young investigators with a well-established scientific career, ready to take the lead their own research team.

The deadline for applications is 7 December 2018.



The Head of each Research Centre will report directly to the Human Technopole Director Iain Mattaj and will be responsible, with the HT Director, for developing a strategy and program for research within the Centre, as well as contributing to the development of the overall research program of HT. She/He will be responsible for the execution of the Research Centre program, including the recruitment and mentoring of more junior research group leaders.

Equally the Heads will be researchers themselves, leading one of the research teams and carrying out high impact scientific results. The Heads of the Research Centres will also have individual or collective responsibility for setting up HT Core Facilities and IT Services and for hiring senior managers to run them. Among their duties, they will develop national and international collaborations as well as partnerships with research centres actively involved in seeking funds and grants for research projects.


Basic requirements for the position include a Ph.D in a relevant science subject, a proven record of scientific leadership and at least 10 years of experience in international scientific collaboration. She/He will have administrative experience and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.



Junior research Group Leaders will be responsible for the independent development of an original and ambitious research program. They will mentor Ph.D students, postdoctoral fellows and technical support staff within their group and participate in the mentoring of fellows in other research groups.

They are expected to apply for external funding, for example from the EU. They will actively participate in the life of HT. Their initial appointment will be for 5 years, renewable once at the junior level.


Further information is available on Human Technopole Foundation website:


In January 2018 the first researchers of the "Centre for Analysis, Decisions and Society" (CADS), one of the seven centers that make up Human Technopole, started working in Palazzo Italia. This is one of the seven centers that form Human Technopole. When fully operational, by 2024, 1,500 people will work for the foundation and will occupy approximately 30,000 square meters in the heart of MIND - Milano Innovation District, the science and technology park located in the area where Expo 2015 took place. The Human Technopole Foundation will be a multidisciplinary research institute that will develop personalized approaches in the medical and nutritional field, aimed at fighting cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases, integrating large-scale genomics with the analysis of complex databases and the development of new diagnostic techniques.





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