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Thu, Jul 12 2018|

Press release


Milan, 19 June 2018 - The Supervisory Board of Human Technopole, the new interdisciplinary research institute focused on life sciences, took office yesterday in Palazzo Italia, in the heart of MIND - Milano Innovation District, where the Universal Exposition took place in 2015.

The Foundation, as well as the Board, is presided by Prof. Marco Simoni who has been following the project development of the Expo area since its outset, first coordinating the working tables for defining and assigning the spaces dedicated to Expo 2015, and then being a member of the Coordination Committee for the definition and launching of the Human Technopole project from 2016.

During yesterday’s meeting, the Board appointed Prof. Iain Mattaj as Director of Human Technopole, top candidate after the international call opened in April 2017 and concluded last February. Prof. Mattaj is currently the General Director of Heidelberg's European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), an intergovernmental organisation carrying our research covering the spectrum of molecular biology.

Prof. Iain Mattaj has distinguished himself in the scientific field, contributing significantly to the discovery of the mechanisms by which RNA and proteins are transported from the cellular nucleus to the cytoplasm; thanks to his achievements, Prof. Mattaj has earned prestigious awards and mandates, including the presidency of the RNA Society, the Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine in 2001 and recently the appointment as an associate member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.


Prof. Marco Simoni stated: "The start-up of the Foundation's activities marks a milestone in the development of Human Technopole, whose previous phases were completed by the Project Structure and the Italian Institute of Technology as implementing subject. IIT was impeccable in allowing us to start and be operational in the newly-refurbished Palazzo Italia, and selecting - with the most rigorous international standards – an extraordinary scientist like Iain Mattaj to be the first President of HT. The Coordination Committee, led by Stefano Paleari, has ensured that the steps taken respected the predetermined timeline. From today, the Foundation’s Supervirosy Board will take the lead of such ambitious and challenging project. HT will be the pivot of a scientific, economic and social ecosystem aimed at strengthening Italian leadership in the mission of improving human life".

In the coming weeks, the Supervisory Board will call for tenders to identify the four members of the Foundation's Management Committee, besides the Director. As indicated in the Statute, this Committee is responsible for guaranteeing the Foundation progresses and achievement of the institutional goals of the Foundation. Furthermore, in the next few weeks, the Supervisory Board will publish a call for the Head of Operations to assist the Director in the administrative management and organization of the Institute.


As indicated in the Statute of the Human Technopole Foundation, the Supervisory Board ensures the excellence of the Foundation, ensures that the appointment of its Bodies complies with the rules and that resources are appropriately used. The Supervisory Board performs activities of general direction and control over the Foundation.

Once fully operational, 12 members will constitute the Board, besides the president.

The first members were appointed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on 16 May 2018. Two of these were nominated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), one by the Ministry of Education, University and Research ( MIUR), and one by the Ministry of Health.

The remaining members will be appointed in the next 12 months. Three members will be nominated respectively by the Municipality of Milan in agreement with the Lombardy Region, the Conference of University Rectors and the Council of Presidents of the public research institutes; one will be chosen among actively-contributing private partners, provided that, even in association with each other, they deposit at least three percent of the annual contribution given by the State. Last but not least, two  members will be chosen by the other Board’s members among scientists and international experts in public health.

Upon the appointment on 16 May 2018 the following members of the Supervisory Board were nominated, besides President Simoni:

  • Daniele Franco, State General Accountant;
  • Marco Mancini, Chief Department of High-level Education and Research, Ministry of Education, University and Research;
  • Mauro Maré, Professor of Financial Sciences, Luiss University Rome;
  • Marcella Panucci, General Manager of Confindustria;
  • Donatella Sciuto, Executive Vice-Rector, Politecnico of Milano;
  • Roberta Siliquini, President, Consiglio Superiore di Sanità, Ministry of Health.

The Human Technopole Foundation will be a multidisciplinary research institute, developing personalized approaches in the medical and nutritional fields, coupling large-scale genomics with the analysis of complex data systems and developing new diagnostic techniques, with the aim of fighting cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.  Human Technopole is located in Milan and will extend over a 30000 square meter surface, in the site that hosted the Universal Exposition in 2015. The Institute will become fully operational within 2024, with around 1500 people working in the Institute.

A group of researchers of the "Centre for Analysis, Decisions and Society" (CADS), one of the seven Human Technopole centres, started working in Palazzo Italia In January 2018.







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