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Fri, Feb 2 2018|

2 February 2018 The Coordination Committee for the Human Technopole project met today to give an update on progress relating to ongoing activities. In addition it took note of the evaluation given by the Search Committee in charge of examining the candidates for the position of HT Director. 

The independent committee is composed by seven international experts with high level scientific profiles and is chaired by the Nobel prize for chemistry Martin Chalfie. In the past weeks it selected a short list of five candidates, who have been subsequently interviewed.

Today, the search committee shared its own evaluations with the Coordination Committee, that will gather again, after a necessary pause, to communicate its own decision.

The selection process and the candidates’ names are protected by privacy and the presence of a separate and independent Search committee guarantees transparency and objectivity in the selection process.

Today's presentation is the most recent step for the selection process, which started in April, with the announcement of the international competition for the position of first Human Technopole director. The deadline for submissions was 3 July. 46 candidatures have been submitted, half of which from foreigner scientists and 80% from candidates who are currently working outside of Italy.

Human Technopole: the project steps

When fully operational, Human Technopole will include, in addition to Palazzo Italia, two existing places, Unità di Servizio 6 and Cardo Nord Ovest, and and two new ones, where 7 centers of research and 4 supporting scientific structures (facilities) will be set.

Human Technopole will develop personalized approaches, both in the medical and the nutritional field, aimed to fight cancer and neuro-degerative diseases by integrating large scale genomics with the analysis of complex data systems and the development of new diagnostics techniques.

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