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Human Technopole is taking the first steps towards establishing a unique large-scale scientific infrastructure of great socio-economic and cultural impact. An international collaborative inclusive dynamic community of highly motivated talented and creative people will make the difference.

If you are a passionate person who likes to seize great challenges, please don’t hesitate to apply. Transparent and merit-based selection methods will drive the recruitment and hiring process. The recruitment of Senior Scientific Staff will be conducted exclusively via international call, according to international standard.


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  • Administrative Staff
  • Neurogenomics
  • Thu, Apr 30 2020
  • Applications have opened

Head of the Automated Stem Cell and Organoid Facility

Mon, Mar 23 2020

The Human Technopole Foundation is looking for the Head of the Automated Stem Cell and Organoid Facility. 


The role, reporting to the Head of the center for Neurogenomics, will be responsible for implementing, maintaining and improving the automation core unit. 


S(he) will have the following main responsibilities:  


  • Coordinate the implementation and optimization of robotic handling of biological samples in order to automate: i) the reprogramming of somatic differentiated cells into induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC); ii) the generation and differentiation of brain organoids; iii) the genetic and/or epigenetic editing of cell lines; iv) the banking of primary samples, lines and organoids 

  • Implement the relevant support procedures and assays, including: i) generation of vectors; ii) editing and screening of engineered lines; iii) quality control of reprogrammed, edited and organoid lines, including through live imaging and histology; iv) standard operating procedures (SOPs) for biobanking 

  • Optimize novel protocols and adapt them to automation 

  • Set-up an electronic system to track the flow of samples, data and metadata generated in the facility 

  • Ensure accurate labelling and storage of all samples according to stringent biobanking practices 

  • Interact with Information Technology (IT) and the Ethics and Regulatory Affairs support unit for compliance with the best biobanking codes of practice 

  • Train, mentor and supervise facility technicians 

  • Interact closely with scientists on all aspects of the experimental flow 

  • Manage the supply of reagents and equipment required for the smooth operation of the facility 

  • Participate in facility reviews by external experts 

  • Participate actively in the overall development of HT core facilities 

  • Report regularly on progress to the Head of Neurogenomics 

  • Help design and advise IT services to meet facility and user requirements 

  • Build effective links and collaborations within HT 

  • Develop links with other automation-intensive stem cell facilities and biobanks worldwide 

  • Support raising third-party funding where possible 





  • +5 years of proven experience and track record in the following areas: Biomedical Engineering (robotics, microfluidics, automation), Molecular Biology (nucleic acids manipulation, cloning, RT-PCR), Advanced cell culture methods (preferably organoids and pluripotent/neural lines), Biobanking, Histology and imaging 

  • Fluency in English – HT is an international research institute 

  • Ability to manage competing priorities in a fast-paced environment and to work independently 

  • Strong interpersonal skills demonstrated by the ability to lead and gain the assistance and cooperation of others in a team endeavor 

  • Ability to build trust through operating with transparency and creating an open and positive environment 

  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity 


HT offers a highly collaborative, international culture. The working language at HT will be English. HT will foster top quality, interdisciplinary research by promoting a vibrant environment consisting of independent research groups with access to outstanding graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and core facilities. 


HT is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits appropriate to a leading, internationally competitive, research organization and seeks to promote a collegial and open atmosphere. The compensation package comprises pension scheme, medical and other social benefits and support for relocation and installation. 


For specific enquires concerning the role only, please contact Prof. Giuseppe Testa, Head of the Center for Neurogenomics: Applications should not be sent to this address. 

For general enquires please contact 



Please apply sending a CV and motivation letter in English only through the dedicated area below (Apply now). 

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