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Human Technopole is taking the first steps towards establishing a unique large-scale scientific infrastructure of great socio-economic and cultural impact. An international collaborative inclusive dynamic community of highly motivated talented and creative people will make the difference.

If you are a passionate person who likes to seize great challenges, please don’t hesitate to apply. Transparent and merit-based selection methods will drive the recruitment and hiring process. The recruitment of Senior Scientific Staff will be conducted exclusively via international call, according to international standard.


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At the end of the application, the candidate will receive an Application ID and a confirmation e-mail with the assigned Application ID. You can use the Application ID and your e-mail to verify the documents submitted in the application. If you do not receive the Application ID or cannot verify the documents ask for HR support (see below).  It will not be possible for you to modify the documents online after submission..If you wish to make modifications before the call deadline, fill the contact form in this section asking for HR support. You will be promptly contacted by HR staff.

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Call for four members of the Management Committee of the Human Technopole Foundation

Fri, Jul 13 2018

The Human Technopole Project.

Human Technopole (HT) is the new research institute focused on Life Sciences located in the area which hosted the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition. The aforementioned area is currently undergoing a reconversion plan for the realisation of the MIND Milan Innovation District, the future innovation district for science, technology and society in the city of Milan. The institute is inspired by genomics-centered institutes such as the Broad Institute in Boston, leveraging the strength of Italian universities and research centres and of the Italian Institute of Technology. Focusing on genomics, big data and innovative diagnostic systems, it will develop customised approaches in the medical and nutritional field, aimed at fighting cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. With anticipated national funding amounting to ca. 1.5 billion euros over 10 years, HT is poised to become one of the premier genomics institutes in the world.


The Management Committee.

The Management Committee is one of the governing Bodies of the HT Foundation. Pursuant to articles 16 and 24 of the HT Foundation Statute, the Management Committee is in charge of:

  • appointing, following international selection procedures, the Directors of the HT centres;
  • appointing, following the prior binding opinion of the scientific Committee, the Panels for staff recruitment;
  • defining the regulations on the functioning of the Foundation, to be then approved by the Supervisory Board;
  • proposing modifications to the Statute to the Supervisory Board;
  • submitting to the Supervisory Board the business plan and the financial statements, as well as all the other deliberations provided for in art. 13, paragraph 3, of the Statute.


Pursuant to art. 15 of the Statute, the Committee consists of 5 members, including the Director of the Foundation who, according to art. 4, paragraph 9 of the President of the Council of Ministers’ Decree (P.C.M.D.) No. 28/2018, chairs the Management Committee.

Therefore, with this selection procedure the HT Foundation is looking for 4 (four) ideal candidates to be appointed as members of the Management Committee.

The members of the Management Committee that will be selected according to the procedure envisaged in this call will hold office for four years and may be re-appointed just once.

The members of the Committee will be granted a gross annual compensation up to Euros 30.000,00 each, as provided for in the Regulation of the Foundation approved with the P.C.M.D. No. 28/2018.


Skills required.

A well-established experience either in the legal-administrative, economic-business fields or in the organisation and management of scientific or public health research centres is required.

In light of the fact that the Management Committee appointed following this selection procedure will operate as the very first Management Committee of the HT Foundation, the members of the latter will be in charge of outlining and implementing also in an incisive manner the organisational structure of the Foundation. Therefore, ideal candidates should have gained a well-established experience in the start-up phase of private and/or public entities.


Admission requirements.

The general and specific requirements to be admitted to the selection process are the following:

  • enjoyment of civil and political rights in the State of residence;
  • suitable reputational requirements, i.e. each candidate must not:
    • be interdicted, disqualified or declared bankrupt;
    • have been sentenced to penalties implying interdiction – even temporary – from public offices or ineligibility for appointment to executive roles;
  • suitable professional requirements, i.e. a well-established experience either in the legal-administrative, economic-business field or in the organisation and management of scientific or public health research centres.


Submission details and deadline.

Those who are interested in submitting their application must fill in the application form at the end of this call.

The following must be attached to the application form:

  • curriculum vitae;
  • self-declaration attesting the absence of ineligibility and of incompatibilities grounds or of a conflict of interest as provided for in the applicable laws[1], available at the following link;
  • self-declaration on the possession of suitable reputational requirements, available at the following link;
  • copy of a valid ID.


In order to demonstrate fulfilment of the level and type of experience requested and of the other requirements, the curriculum vitae must include:

  • all information allowing the assessment of the educational background (diplomas, including the relevant data, location and grade obtained; the specific details regarding attendance to any professional course, PHD or other specialisation and/or qualification) in connection with the requirements set forth in this call;
  • any working experience (including roles, tasks and contract type, as well as the employing company and/or authority, the location and the relevant period) in connection with the requirements set forth in this call.


The curriculum vitae must also include:

- the consent to the processing of the candidate’s personal data insofar as necessary for the purposes of this selection procedure, pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and, as far as compatible, to the Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (Italian Personal Data Protection Code);

- the declaration of truthfulness and correctness of all data according to the Presidential Decree No. 445/2000, together with the assumption of responsibility as regards criminal sanctions in case of misrepresentation and forgery (art. 76 of the Presidential Decree No. 445/2000).

Applications must be submitted to the Human Technopole Foundation by September 16, 2018.



Requests for clarification and answers at the following link


Curricula evaluation.

Once all applications are received, a Commission will be appointed for the evaluation procedure.


The Commission will collegially evaluate the candidates’ profiles, by dividing them in three groups (A, B, C), where group A includes the profiles best matching the requirements set forth in this call, and group C the profiles least matching such requirements.

The Commission will attribute special relevance to each candidate’s experience as a whole, as described in their curricula. Preference will be given to candidates showing complete and actual competences in relation to each skill required, as well as a well-established management experience either in public or in private entities, also with respect to their start-up phase.

The Commission may interview all candidates included in group A

In case no adequate profile is found in group A, the Commission may interview, at its sole discretion, candidates included either in group B or in all other groups.

In case the Commission believes that no adequate candidates exist to be appointed as members of the Management Committee, no appointment will take place.

In any case, all candidates will be informed via e-mail (at the e-mail address indicated in their curricula) on the outcome of the evaluation procedure.



Candidates selected in accordance with the procedure set forth in this call will be appointed as members of the Management Committee by the Supervisory Board pursuant to art. 13, paragraph 2, letter b) of the Statute.


Safeguard clause.

The HT Foundation may revoke, modify and/or extend the duration of this call at its sole discretion. Interested parties shall have no claim whatsoever as regards such decision.

No competitive or semi-competitive procedure is held as a consequence of the publication of this call. Likewise, no ranking will be made or published.

The Supervisory Board is in no way bound to appoint as members of the Management Committee the candidates who will be selected following the procedure set forth in this call.


For any information you may write to


All candidates’ data will be processed for the sole purpose of the evaluation of their professional profiles in accordance with the needs of the HT Foundation.

All data will be processed by the HT Foundation, whose seat is in Milan, via Cristina Belgioioso snc, which will act as Data Controller by means of IT and non-IT devices. The Data Controller will respect all rules concerning personal data protection, including those regarding data security. Pursuant to the applicable laws, all candidates may exercise at any moment their rights as Data Subjects, by addressing their requests to the Data Controller.

[1] Each candidate must declare that no ineligibility ground precluding the appointment of a managerial position in private entities subject to public control, as set forth in the law, applies to his or her case (in particular, as provided for in the Legislative Decree No. 39/2013, art. 3: “Ineligibility for appointment in case of convictions for criminal offences against the Public Administration”, and art. 6: “Ineligibility for appointment in case of political offices at the national level”). He or she must also declare to be aware of the incompatibility grounds provided for in the applicable laws (in particular in the Legislative Decree No. 39/2013, art. 9: “Incompatibilities between positions and offices in private entities regulated by or financed by Public Administrations as well as between such positions and professional activities”, and art. 12: “Incompatibilities between managerial internal and external positions and offices in the governing bodies of national, regional and local administrations”).