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Human Techpole, Alisei and CL.A.N. together for the promotion of Life Sciences and Agrifood sectors

Wed, Oct 30 2019|

30 Oct – The Human Technopole Foundation signed an MoU with the National Technology Cluster Advanced Life Science in Italy (ALISEI) and the National Technology Agrifood Cluster (CL.A.N.). The objectives of the MoU are the promotion and the development of the life-sciences and agri-food sectors at an international and national levels.

The MoU aims to foster the collaboration between business, national and private bodies involved in the life-sciences and agri-food sectors. This will lead to the creation of an eco-system able to further strengthen the Italian role in these sectors at a European and international level.

According to Marco Simoni, president of the Human Technopole Foundation “this MoU is an example of how we intend Human Technopole’s mission – the promotion of a high-level scientific research, in collaboration with scientific, academic and industrial bodies for the benefit of Italian citizens. We strongly believe this will generate value in terms of knowledge and of investments for our Country”