Governance Press Kit


The President

The President is the legal representative of the Foundation, chairs the Supervisory board, is responsible for strategic thrust and manages Institutional and Public relations; he promotes training and dissemination activities concerning the social and economic impact of the Foundation’s scientific research and public engagement.

The first President of Human Technopole Foundation is Marco Simoni.


The Supervisory board

The Supervisory board guarantees the excellence of the Foundation, supervises the use of resources, and the compliance with the rules regarding the appointment of the Foundation bodies. It carries out a general activity of direction and control over the Foundation.

The members of the Supervisory board, appointed by the Government, besides the President, are:

Daniele Franco, Director General Bank of Italy;

Marco Mancini, Professor of Linguistics, "La Sapienza" University, Rome, former Chief Department, Ministry of Education, University and Research;

Mauro Marè Full Professor of Public Economics, LUISS University Rome  

Marcella Panucci Director General, Confindustria;

Donatella Sciuto Executive Vice Rector, Politecnico of Milano;

Roberta Siliquini, Dean School of Public Health, Torino Italy, former President, Consiglio Superiore di Sanità, Ministry of Health. 


The Management Committee

The Management Committee guarantees the orderly progress and achievements of the Foundation. It is composed of professionals with proven managerial skills in important national and international institutions.

Members of the Management Committee, besides the chairman and director Iain Mattaj, are:

Irene Bozzoni, Full Professor of molecular biology and Dean of "Scuola superiore di studi avanzati" at “La Sapienza” University, Rome;

Nando Minnella, Economist, former Head of technical secreteriat, Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR);

Stefano Piccolo, Full Professor of Molecular Biology at University of Padova;

Fabio Terragni, President M4 S.p.A.