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Human Technopole Foundation

Human Technopole Foundation

Human Technopole is Italy's new research institute for Life Sciences, based at the heart of MIND. Our mission is to promote human health and well-being through an interdisciplinary approach to health and aging.

Human Technopole will develop personalised approaches, both in the medical and the nutritional field, aimed to fight cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases by integrating large scale genomics with the analysis of complex data systems and the development of new diagnostics techniques.

The Foundation will have a interdisciplinary approach based on the creation and sharing of knowledge to promote innovation in healthcare. An approach that will combine different topics: from genomics to translational and basic research, from big data analysis to the introduction of new analytical methods, from nutrition to the search of new sustainable technologies in agriculture, from the development of medical devices and innovative diagnostic tests to the processing of socio-economic data for providing new analytical solutions for the public policies decision makers.

Once completed Human Technopole, will be a large-scale national research infrastructure with over 30.000m2 of interdisciplinary laboratories: data science, genomics, neuroscience, computational and structural biology.

It will employ over 1000 scientists in diverse fields, including biologists, bio-informaticians, chemists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists, all working together on research topics of biomedical relevance.

Human Technopole will be actively involved in dissemination of research activities and achievements on health issues, spreading among citizens the consciousness that scientific progress is a global public good.

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