Computational Biology Research Centre

Computational Biology Research Centre

The Computational Biology Research Centre will analyse and interpret the massive amounts of data generated by all other centres, build predictive models, and help to further our understanding of biological processes and their impact on human health and response to therapies. It will integrate with research pursued by the Genomics Research Centre, taking computational and bioinformatics approaches to study disease-associated biological processes. It will also be active in developing new methods of image analysis that have relevance in many areas of biomedicine.

Iorio Group Link

Iorio Group

The Iorio Group works at the interface of biology, machine learning, statistics and information theory with the goal of understanding and predicting how genomic alterations and molecular traits from other omics contribute to pathological processes, biological circuits’ rewiring and have an impact on therapeutic response in human cancers and other diseases.

Jug Group Link

Jug Group

The research conducted in the Jug Group is pushing the boundary of what image analyses and machine learning can do for quantifying biological (image) data. The common denominator of such projects is the indisputable necessity to analyse large amounts of light microscopy data without causing impossible amounts of manual data curation and data processing to life-science researchers (aka our users and collaborators).

Computational Biology Publications


Project Score database: a resource for investigating cancer cell dependencies and prioritizing therapeutic targets

Lisa Dwane, Fiona M Behan, Emanuel Gonçalves, Howard Lightfoot, Wanjuan Yang, Dieudonne van der Meer, Rebecca Shepherd, Miguel Pignatelli, Francesco Iorio, Mathew J Garnett

2020 - Nucleic Acids Research


Analysis of CRISPR‐Cas9 screens identify genetic dependencies in melanoma

Eirini Christodoulou, Mamunur Rashid, Clare Pacini, Droop Alastair, Holly Robertson, Tim van Groningen, Amina.F.A.S Teunisse, Francesco Iorio, A.G. Jochemsen, David.J. Adams, Remco van Doorn

2020 - Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research


Drug mechanism‐of‐action discovery through the integration of pharmacological and CRISPR screens

Emanuel Gonçalves, Aldo Segura‐Cabrera, Clare Pacini, Gabriele Picco, Fiona M Behan, Patricia Jaaks, Elizabeth A Coker, Donny van der Meer, Andrew Barthorpe, Howard Lightfoot, Tatiana Mironenko, Alexandra Beck, Laura Richardson, Wanjuan Yang, Ermira Lleshi, James Hall, Charlotte Tolley, Caitlin Hall, Iman Mali, Frances Thomas, James Morris, Andrew R Leach, James T Lynch, Ben Sidders, Claire Crafter, Francesco Iorio, Stephen Fawell, Mathew J Garnett

2020 - Molecular Systems Biology


Identification of Intrinsic Drug Resistance and Its Biomarkers in High-Throughput Pharmacogenomic and CRISPR Screens

Iñigo Ayestaran, Ana Galhoz, Elmar Spiegel, Ben Sidders, Jonathan R. Dry, Frank Dondelinger, Andreas Bender, Ultan McDermott, Francesco Iorio, Michael P. Menden

2020 - Patterns


CELLector: Genomics-Guided Selection of Cancer In Vitro Models

Hanna Najgebauer, Mi Yang, Hayley E. Francies, Clare Pacini, Euan A. Stronach, Mathew J. Garnett, Julio Saez-Rodriguez, Francesco Iorio

2020 - Cell Systems


Agreement between two large pan-cancer CRISPR-Cas9 gene dependency data sets

Joshua M. Dempster, Clare Pacini, Sasha Pantel Fiona M. Behan, Thomas Green, John Krill-Burger, Charlotte M. Beaver, Scott T. Younger, Victor Zhivich, Hanna Najgebauer, Felicity Allen, Emanuel Gonçalves, Rebecca Shepherd, John G. Doench, Kosuke Yusa, Francisca Vazquez, Leopold Parts, Jesse S. Boehm, Todd R. Golub, William C. Hahn, David E. Root, Mathew J. Garnett, Aviad Tsherniak, Francesco Iorio

2019 - Nature Communications